Recycled Virgin

Book Cover, Recycled Virgin, by DA Brown.

Recycled Virgin

(Scleratis Series Book 1)

What if the Virgin Mary never ascended? What if she’s been hard at work on earth for generations? What if she finds out that the real story of her religion’s founding has been lost in a melee of male privilege?

by DA Brown

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“A real page turner and thought-provoking read.” Amazon reviewer.

The former Blessed Virgin Mary has had enough. She’s spent the past 2000 years looking after others, only to find that her true story has been erased. No one knows the real Miryam, the flesh and blood mother, the woman who taught the foundations of a world-wide religion to her often disobedient son. As she lives through her latest reincarnation, she struggles to understand why she keeps returning. Will her study at a Theological College finally allow her to free herself? Will she be able to retell her story, make herself real? Will she find the other half to her soul? Recycled Virgin is the first book in the Scleratis Series, but can be read as a stand alone story.

Available February 2020

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