Site and Book Updates

Just a short note to announce that the site has been re-organized and updated, including availability links for the books. Recycled Virgin is currently available only from Amazon, however print copies can be ordered directly from us, using the Contact Form. We are working to arrange wider distribution. Print copies of Ocean’s Lure will be… Continue reading Site and Book Updates

The Catalog Grows

It’s been a busy few weeks at Somewhat Grumpy. Our first book, the novel Recycled Virgin, by DA Brown, celebrated its one year bookiversary. It’s rated five stars on Goodreads and Amazon, and is available from Amazon as an eBook or paperback. Our second book, the romance Ocean’s Lure, by Tim Covell, is scheduled for… Continue reading The Catalog Grows

Recycled Virgin

Recycled Virgin (Scleratis Series Book 1) What if the Virgin Mary never ascended? What if she’s been hard at work on earth for generations? What if she finds out that the real story of her religion’s founding has been lost in a melee of male privilege? by DA Brown Buy the paperback or ebook from… Continue reading Recycled Virgin