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Most independent authors want or need to sell their work. This means setting prices, however vulgar a topic money may seem.

Hybrid Publishing 3

eBook, paperback, or both? Exclusive distribution or wide? This post discusses the options.

Two Years Old!

Celebrating our second birthday with giveaways and a 99 cent eBook.

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Hybrid Publishing 2

The point of editing is not to force the work to conform to some arbitrary standard. It is to ensure the author’s message is delivered as clearly as possible, and in the author’s voice.

Hybrid Publishing 1

I recently participated in a panel discussion on alternatives to traditional publishing, such as the hybrid publishing service offered by Somewhat Grumpy Press. The questions showed many authors want more information about all steps of the independent publishing process. We have some information on our Publishing Services page, but over the new few blog posts… Continue reading Hybrid Publishing 1

More Information About Services

Happy fall, everyone, or at least everyone in the northern hemisphere. I know, it’s another three weeks until the equinox, but with the arrival of September, and cooler weather, it feels like fall. We’ve updated the Somewhat Grumpy Press website! There is a new page providing more information about the services we offer, as well… Continue reading More Information About Services

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Online Ordering Available

Somewhat Grumpy Press books are available as eBooks from your favourite eBook supplier, or as paperbacks. Most booksellers, from your local independent bookshop to large online retailers, can order the print copy for you. We’re also working on getting our books into stores – for example, Ocean’s Lure is in stock at Dartmouth Book Exchange.… Continue reading Online Ordering Available

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Site and Book Updates

Just a short note to announce that the site has been re-organized and updated, including availability links for the books. Recycled Virgin is currently available only from Amazon, however print copies can be ordered directly from us, using the Contact Form. We are working to arrange wider distribution. Print copies of Ocean’s Lure will be… Continue reading Site and Book Updates

The Catalog Grows

It’s been a busy few weeks at Somewhat Grumpy. Our first book, the novel Recycled Virgin, by DA Brown, celebrated its one year bookiversary. It’s rated five stars on Goodreads and Amazon, and is available from Amazon as an eBook or paperback. Our second book, the romance Ocean’s Lure, by Tim Covell, is scheduled for… Continue reading The Catalog Grows