The Catalog Grows

It’s been a busy few weeks at Somewhat Grumpy. Our first book, the novel Recycled Virgin, by DA Brown, celebrated its one year bookiversary. It’s rated five stars on Goodreads and Amazon, and is available from Amazon as an eBook or paperback.

Cover image of novel Ocean's Lure by Tim Covell. Photo of a Cape Breton beach, with text: Falling in love wasn't part of the plan.

Our second book, the romance Ocean’s Lure, by Tim Covell, is scheduled for release Friday, April 23. It’s available from all major eBook retailers, and paperback copies can be ordered. Copies will also be available at some Halifax bookstores in a few weeks — details to follow.

And, announcing our third book, Flipping the Switch, by Katherine Covell. Katherine Covell is a retired professor who specializes in children’s rights, and has written several academic books on that subject. Flipping the Switch, her first novel, is a thriller about a group of parents who have lost children, and take matters into their own hands to protect other children.

DA Brown is working on Deceiving the Devil (Scleratis Series Book 2), and Tim Covell is working on Picture This, a romance set in Halifax, so there are more books coming. Publishing these first books are learning experiences for Somewhat Grumpy, but the plan is to assist other authors publish once we’ve got the process figured out. Meanwhile, enjoy your reading and enjoy your writing.

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