Privacy Policy

This site is hosted by WordPress. For information regarding WordPress privacy and cookie policies, please refer to the WordPress Cookie Policy and the WordPress Privacy Policy.

This site only collects personal information from visitors who choose to follow the blog, and visitors who choose to contact us.

If you choose the option to follow the blog, you will receive emails from WordPress when a new blog entry is posted. If you follow by email notification, Somewhat Grumpy Press will receive your email address. If you follow using your WordPress account, Somewhat Grumpy Press will receive your WordPress account name and user Id. Email addresses and WordPress account details submitted for following the blog are used only for WordPress email notifications of blog postings.

If you choose to contact us using the Contact Form, we will receive all information submitted (name, email address, message), as well as your IP address. In subsequent correspondence we may request your phone number or mailing address.

If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter (powered by MailChimp), we will receive your email address, first name, and last name. Please refer to MailChimp’s Privacy Policy for additional information.

Information collected through the Contact Form or the online ordering site (powered by Square), and subsequent communication, is used only to fulfil order requests and respond to other issues such as delivery. We do not receive your credit card information. Please refer to Square’s Privacy Policy for information regarding their payment processing.

Email addresses and other personal and contact information are not rented, sold, or shared, however aggregate book sales information that is not personally identifiable may be shared with our author clients. For example, an author may be told that two copies of their book were mailed to a specific town last month, or delivered to a specific retailer. Financial transactions are completed through Interac payment or a third-party payment processors, so Somewhat Grumpy does not collect or retain any personal financial information.

Somewhat Grumpy Press collects additional information from authors using the services, as outlined in the agreement with the author.

If you have any questions about privacy or your personal information at Somewhat Grumpy Press, please contact us.

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