Lydia’s Journey

Lydia’s Journey: An Armenian Refugee’s Story

Katherine Covell

Publication Date: June 6, 2023

Ten-year-old Lydia’s life is upended in 1915 when soldiers storm her village at the start of the Armenian Genocide. Separated from her parents and younger brother, Lydia is marched from her home in Zeitun, through the desert, and into Syria. She’s sold into slavery, and endures years of captivity.

When her orphanage arranges her marriage, she emigrates to England, only to find herself in London during the World War II bombing. Inspired by family history and supported by extensive research, Lydia’ story is a harrowing but ultimately reassuring story of resilience, faith, and survival.

Content Warning: Multiple scenes depicting sexual abuse, child abuse, racism, violence, infanticide, slavery, and deaths during a genocide, racism in England before, during, and after WWII, and the results of bombing in London during WWII. This material is consistent with the historical context.

Katherine Covell is a developmental psychologist and children’s rights advocate with a long history of published academic books and articles. This is her second novel.

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