Meeting Hybrid Publisher Criteria

The Independent Book Publishers Association recently released updated criteria for defining reputable hybrid publishers, with a stress that ALL requirements apply. Examples and details are provided for each requirement. Let’s see how Somewhat Grumpy Press meets these requirements. Define a mission and vision for its publishing program. As the About page says, we offer à… Continue reading Meeting Hybrid Publisher Criteria

Adventures in Piracy

It was bound to happen sooner or later—one of our books was stolen. The eBook file was copied and placed on a web site for free downloading. For what it is worth, the offending site doesn’t promote free eBooks. It contains files of all types. And the infringer didn’t bother to remove the copyright ownership… Continue reading Adventures in Piracy

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Hybrid Publishing 4

Most independent authors want or need to sell their work. This means setting prices, however vulgar a topic money may seem.

Hybrid Publishing 2

The point of editing is not to force the work to conform to some arbitrary standard. It is to ensure the author’s message is delivered as clearly as possible, and in the author’s voice.

Hybrid Publishing 1

I recently participated in a panel discussion on alternatives to traditional publishing, such as the hybrid publishing service offered by Somewhat Grumpy Press. The questions showed many authors want more information about all steps of the independent publishing process. We have some information on our Publishing Services page, but over the new few blog posts… Continue reading Hybrid Publishing 1