The Somewhat Grumpy Press Fall Collection

Like our Pallas’s cat logo? You can now proudly wear it!

Tim, from Somewhat Grumpy Press, standing in a sunny wooded area, wearing a blue shirt with the Somewhat Grumpy Press logo.
Tim models a Somewhat Grumpy Press shirt. Note that the text is now in a different typeface. View all designs (on professional models) at the Zazzle store.

There’s a Somewhat Grumpy Press store on Zazzle where you can order shirts, in two designs, mugs, tote bags, and a fridge magnet with our logo. Half the proceeds of all sales go to our logo artist, Rebecca Gravel.

You can also order shirts and mugs with the striking cover from DA Brown’s Recycled Virgin. All proceeds go to the author.

If you like our designs, but would like to see them on other products, just let us know. Check out the selection, and thanks for supporting a local business, artist, and authors.

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