Online Ordering Available

Somewhat Grumpy Press books are available as eBooks from your favourite eBook supplier, or as paperbacks. Most booksellers, from your local independent bookshop to large online retailers, can order the print copy for you. We’re also working on getting our books into stores – for example, Ocean’s Lure is in stock at Dartmouth Book Exchange.

Now you can also order our books directly from us. We encourage you to support your local bookshop, but if you prefer to order online, and live in Canada, we can take your order. Just click “Order direct from Somewhat Grumpy Press” in the list of buy links on each book’s page (or click Shopping Cart in the menu to go directly to the order site for all books). Prices shown include shipping, and taxes are not applicable. Your order is securely processed by the Square online payments system, and your book is sent via Canada Post.

Screen image of the Square order page for Recycled Virgin, by DA Brown.
Order page for Recycled Virgin.

We can also ship to the United States and other countries, but shipping costs are higher. If you interested in shipping out of Canada, or have any other questions about ordering from us, please contact us for details.

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